Amazing view after a mad skate session #skate #nofilter #sunset

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this isn’t even a problem

This is how I envision hogwarts homework being done

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Comic strip artists from the 40’s draw their characters while blindfolded

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Chilling after a hard skate with the lovers @bowsedoggyg #skate #summer #chill

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Mine and Wills view as we listen to Bury Tomorrow #heaven #metal #bromance

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I ruined myself

Haven’t been on here in months. This is here just to vent I guess.
So I literally ruined everything for a quick high at Reading. I didn’t plan on getting on it at the festival… But it happened and I did a lot. Reading was good but I didn’t enjoy myself, I felt lost, out of place and missing something. Besides the point I came home after breaking down in Reading and felt fine but still a bit empty and guilty as Kim wasn’t there and I did the one thing she asked me not to… Take drugs. Then Tuesday hits. Honestly I felt like taking my life on Tuesday. I have never been one to suffer with mental health, being the only one not to in my family I was lucky but I wanted to end it all Tuesday. I felt awful, like everyone was looking at me. Dehumanised, no emotion, random crying, fits and twitching. I felt like I was looking through a window onto the world, like I didn’t belong. It’s extremely hard to describe. Moving on… I couldn’t sleep, every time i would drop off I would have a bolt of electricity surge through me followed by my heart pounding and sever anxiety with a ringing in my ears. That still happens randomly but it would happen as I fell asleep every night until Friday. The next day I told Kim what happened and I lost her forever. I let a quick high and a mildly pleasant experience at a festival ruin the best thing to happen to me. She stood by me for three years as I fought against a crazy fucked up family and a distressing upbringing. I couldn’t love someone as much as I love her and I fucked that all up. That’s my biggest regret, losing her. I threw away the three best years of my life. That makes my blood boil, it makes me hate myself. Finally I tried working after all that happened and half way through the night I collapsed in the office and wouldn’t stop crying. I had to call my best friend Rowan to call my area manager because I was too scared too. I couldn’t cope, hell I still can’t cope. Because of a stupid drug binge I now have to attend a CBT course to combat this anxiety and I’ve decided to go to therapy and counselling. I literally had to ruin myself and every good thing in my life to learn. Honestly I could never ever think about taking another drug again. It’s a weekend I will never forget for all the good and bad reasons but if I could take it back I would. I’m not posting this for sympathy or to try and win her back. I know it’s too late. I’m posting this just so someone might read this and choose not to try it. I can’t stress enough how it ruins lives. My whole family are addicts and although I’m not, it’s worsened a mental health problem for me which I now have to live with the reset of my life. I’m so sorry for everything but I deserve everything I get. Drugs cause lies to circulate, friendships and relationships to ruin, money wasted and lives lost. I wish I didn’t have to go through this ordeal to realise. I wish I still had what I did before. I wish I could turn back time change everything but I can’t. Please if you have the chance, don’t.

New deck

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Last summer doing charity work for dominos.

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Oh my god lass looks amazing

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maybe i say things that is hard to comprehend but i’m trying my best

holy shit guys thanks for the notes xo

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